Delusion MFG manufactures blank hats for wholesale or custom.

It was founded on the principles of quality and consistency with the utmost level of customer service. We strive day in and day out to produce the highest quality products at an affordable price in efforts to help elevate your brand identity to the next level.

With so many brands out there trying to make a name for themselves, we felt there was a need to enter the market to help grow small to medium size brands and businesses that have no manufacturing experience or expertise. That’s where we come in.

We manufacture a wide variety of headwear ranging from 5 panel hats, beanie hats, toque hats, trucker hats, dad hats and more. With these different headwear styles our customers can order low quantities or high quantities.

In addition to the selection of blank hats, we offer a custom headwear service too. Custom embroidered hats, custom patches for hats, fully custom designs and more.

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Let’s work together to expand and bring your vision to life.